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Evoke - to recall the conscious mind, the smells sounds, and colors

 fusing different worlds of cultures


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The "EVOKE" Remixes LP diversifies the originals (by Shaun Benjamin ft. Mehmet Aydin on strings) further into the world of electronica and house sub genres. The release features a unique collection of talent favorites of the label and new promising debuts. The reinterpretations that are part of the 8 track LP cover an extensive spectrum of sound with works from amazingly futuristic LETKOLBEN innovative Sucre Sale of Germany smooth vibes operator from Pakistan V i v i d debut of Moscow's deep scene veterans' fresh project Tuman of Gazgolder club new Russian talents Amonita and Tayu Montreal's Wuachuma (Adrien Malka) and the debut of UrlNrk. Organic deep house electronica at its best full of live ethnic elements its a a phenomenal release for multi genre lovers.

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This multifaceted release covers a full range of emotions thanks to the trippy out of the genre original and 2 quality remixes. Shaun Benjamin continues to impress with his abilities in the studio as a versitile musician featuring singer Sharina. Hailing from St Petersburg raising star Marymoon is known to please the dancefloors from Burning Man to Moscow she is quickly making waves as a producer working hard in the studio and behind the decks. Brayden Vlack completes this release with a personal take making the original his own with a truly proper underground feel! You will enjoy these.


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Debut album "Evoke" by multi Instrumentalist and live musician Shaun Benjamin.

Featuring Mehmet Aydin on Strings. Charted Top 30 Downtempo/Electronica on Beatport




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