Producing for over 3 years, has released several EPs. His sound stretches from hip‐hop to metal.His recent music development is blended with futuristic electronic music production techniques.

He has performed at various shows ranging from metal festivals in South East Asia to warehouse shows in Brooklyn. He has also shared the stage with Anberlin, Misery Signals, Emmure.

Upon graduating from Republic Polytechnic, he has established himself in the music industry as a producer, recording engineer and sonic artist. 

His journey in music started at the age of 7 with the piano as his first instrument. 

At 13 he began performing as a percussionist with The St Patrick’s School Military Band leading him to perform at the Esplanade, Southern Cross International Music Festival,  Brisbane,Australia and Hawaii Pacific Basin Festival.

During his time in New York he co founded an international collective called “The Wickids” to promote independent & underground artists both in the visual and audio realms.

Shaun Benjamin will be pursing his purpose musical endeavors in New York and Florida at Full  Sail University.